The Farmhouse Bakery
Krause Family Farm

About the Farmhouse Bakery

During the summer of 2016 our crops suffered severe hail damage. Though we had crop insurance it wasn’t enough to cover the every day expenses such as groceries and utility bills. In order to help Nadine decided to try selling some cinnamon buns and granola cereals at the local farmers' markets starting in Camrose and Wetaskiwin. Within a couple of months we were asked to consider baking breads.

Nadine has always made homemade breads using flour she milled herself so she started baking whole grain breads for market. She then took on the challenge of learning to make sourdough breads and things started growing from there, expanding our product line and the number of markets we attended. Her son, Nathaniel became her business partner in 2018 and started learning how to bake. In the Spring of 2019 we renovated our garage and family room and turned them into our commercial bakery.

What started out as a small project (20 breads and a few cinnamon buns/week) has grown beyond what we ever dreamt possible. We now bake over 600 breads and 540 cinnamon buns every weekend along with all our other products. With the help of Jerry, her husband, and other son, Matthew, who help with sales at the markets she continues to try new ideas and works at creating new recipes. You won’t find our recipes anywhere as they are all unique to Nadine and her creations. Bread cooling on racks